Moving Forward

Are you guys Alex’s Law’d out? Yes? No? Maybe so? If you are, I get it. No, really I do. I am a new author, I’m not a blogger, I have a full-time job, all that jazz. And I’m still learning how to write. I work really hard at it, but it’s a work in progress. With that in mind, here’s what’s on my mind moving forward.

  1.  I’m working on what I hope will be the follow-up to Alex’s Law, assuming Dreamspinner likes it (fingers crossed). I’m almost done with the line-edits, will send it back to my critique partners for comments, then hope to have it finished and submitted by the 29th. This is a full-length novel, currently standing at around 81,000 words. The working title is Bailing Out.
  2. If Dreamspinner likes Bailing Out, I hope to do two more full-length novels in the series, and another novella for Alex and Law. Actually, it’ll be more like a short novel. I’m thinking somewhere in the 40-50k range. For the record, Alex’s Law is 18k.
  3. I will have some writing posts. Remember, I have zero clue what I’m doing, and everything is a major work in progress. I’m learning as I go. I’ve been asked to write some posts about dictating, how and why I do it, that sort of thing. I’m not going to even remotely pretend that I’m some sort of expert in this, but as I find things I love, I’ll be sure to make note of them.
  4. Last, I’m sure not everyone wants to read only about writing. This is not that type of blog. So I am blatantly stealing this idea from Charlie Cochet. If you love pseudo-paranormal, police officer kick-assery, you must check out her THIRDS series. Take a long weekend, start from the beginning, and love your life. Anyway, she has THIRDS Thursdays, where she does a flash fiction piece about the world. Sometimes it’s from a viewpoint not normally seen (one of the women), maybe it’s a scene that was alluded to in the book. It can be whatever, and I live for those Thursdays. So I’m stealing it. Not every week. I don’t have that much material… yet. But I’m working for a scene every other Friday, no so excitingly called


Yeah, I know, it needs work. But the point is, starting next Friday, and going every other Friday, I’ll be doing a short scene about the guys, about some of their friends and co-workers, anything that pops in my mind. There will be some special holiday scenes, scenes from both perspectives, etc. And if there’s anything you want me to do, let me know.

So that’s it. Thanks for all your support. It means the world to me. Happy Friday!!!