Writer’s Retreat, Days 1 and 2

Hey party people!

So, I haven’t been on the site in, oh, forever, trying to figure out what I want this site to be. For fledgling authors wanting to dictate their works and navigate that, to readers who really don’t give a rat’s patooty about that, to people who just want pictures of my turtles (they’re coming, I promise!), I was having some issues. Naturally, my Libran instincts say, why not do all three? Well, duh! So that’s where we are now.

One of the author/editors I follow, Ally Bishop at Upgrade Your Story, put together a writer’s retreat in McGaheysville, VA. For those of you asking, where the heck is that, don’t worry, I live in Virginia and didn’t know either. But I took a week off and came down on Sunday, and it’s gorgeous. A partial kitchen, two full beds, living room with fireplace, two decks, and a jacuzzi. Yeah, I’m stoked. And Ally is amazing. Her Visual Outlining Method, which uses Scapple (made by the same folks who make Scrivener) has been a godsend for my non-linear mind. I’ll delve into that in more detail later.

And I’m writing. Or editing, as the case may be. I’m finalizing edits on the last quarter of my first full-length novel (I have a novella coming out from Dreamspinner Press this summer, which you’ll hear PLENTY about), which is a follow-up in a series. ┬áIt’s a metric crapton of work, and it’s glorious. At some point today I’ll take pics of the living room so you can see the madness that this is. But, with no actual lawyering to be done for a few days, I’m determined to finish the edits on this book and get them to my critique partner for review.

So have a blessed day, work hard, play hard, and look for pics from the resort on the morrow!